Transformation Expertise

Our way through transformation

Labor sensitive project

Labor sensitive project

  • Assessment of economic, political and labor risks related to the project
  • Proposal of operational solutions to keep risks under control
  • General project roadmap, scenarios and implementation schedule
  • Strategy for labor negotiations
  • Drafting of required documents for consultation procedures (European Works Council, Works Council, H&S Committees…)
  • Engagement of key managers in analyzing the impacts of the project, and anticipation for the transition period (post-announcement and implementation)
  • Support during consultation procedures (preparation of meetings with works councils, questions from Trade Unions experts…)
  • Support and management of relations with administrative authorities
  • Project management
Workforce strategies for Agile organization

Workforce strategies for Agile organization

  • HR and organizational audit, workforce feasibility assessment
  • Consulting in labor engineering strategy
  • Implementation of negotiated solutions: competitiveness agreements, employment agreements, strategic workforce planning agreements and other solutions…
  • Implementation and coordination of the management team in charge of project definition and roll-out
  • Planning and implementation of operational roll-out, taking into account feedback from the field
  • Support and management of industrial relations

Communication strategies

Communication strategies

  • Consulting in communication strategy
  • Workforce communications
  • Institutional communications and public affairs
  • Coaching and training of spokespersons and corporate managers
  • Training in sensitive communication
  • Support to manage sensitive and crisis situations
  • Institutional intelligence, mapping of stakeholders, contacts with key players
  • Press relations and media watch
Leading transformation

Leading transformation

  • Support to change management
  • Training and support to managers and their staff
  • Coaching of managers
  • Workshops on diagnosis and problem-solving for the staff
  • Field watch and transformation opinion survey: taking the pulse of staff and field to gain an objective view of the reality as experienced by the staff, and to adjust the support measures as needed
  • Co-development workshops to leverage and share best practices, and to secure quick gains
  • Assistance to managerial and relational skills development for the staff to strengthen cross-functional links and cooperation
  • Design and implementation of ecosystems (Academy, School, Campus, Corporate University), skills development programs (leadership, relational performance, hierarchical and cross-functional management, project-based management), conferences (Customer Relations, cultural transformation, digital transformation, etc.), intrapreneurship models.
Identifying business takeover solution

Identifying business takeover solution

  • Search for takeover projects for your business branches, subsidiaries or sites (production units, logistical platforms, research centers, sales outlets, etc.) with or without commitments on business volumes by the seller
  • Assistance to negotiations of sale & purchase agreements with potential buyers
  • Follow-up of contacts and reporting to personnel representatives and public authorities
Converting site

Converting site

  • Search for site conversion projects
  • Definition and implementation of revitalization plans in local labor pools
  • Employability surveys
  • Predictive jobs and skills planning in the territory (strategic workforce planning)
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